You are a skilled, experienced, and competent professional. You are smart, very smart. You are a busy person, and you feel the need to be connected constantly. You are a critical thinker. And most importantly, you find it hard to start working on something if you are not “inspired,” am I right?

Sometimes you have asked yourselfo: “myselfo, if I am this smart, why can’t I….”
… finish this project?
… focus?
… have time for me?
… leave the office, it’s so late?
… write a book?
… finish what I started?
… stop overthinking this?

time managementtime management

I know. I hear you. I understand.
I was there, and I got tired of it. I got sick.

I evaluated my life and the possibility of making it better without having to change my current circumstances. So, I said: “myselfo, what are you doing about it?” Well, I studied self-coaching and hired a professional coach. I learned to understand and appreciate who I am. I also learned how to manage the most critical relationship one should focus on, the one I have with myselfo. Finally, I trained a lot and got a bunch of certificates to enhance my knowledge and acquire more practical tools.

time managementtime management

That is why I can help.

I can help because I believe that procrastination is not about productivity but about feelings. I also can help because I disagree with the way time management has been taught to us. I think time management is more about mind management than anything else. Finally, I believe we need three main components to feel better, unstuck, and at ease…

time managementtime management

Clarity. Passion. Self-discipline.

I love working with people like you because I am like you. I am a small business owner who also had a side gig back in the day. I, like you, appreciate someone who will give me thoughtful and straightforward advice.

My advice could help you reconnect to the deeper reasons behind what you are doing, get control of your life, and transform your relationship with yourselfo.

I offer at the intersection of communication, coaching, and project management. And my goal is to help 500 people every year by guiding them to complete one meaningful project in 90 days because everyone deserves to feel better during or after a crisis.

See, we love clear and actionable plans.

Are you ready?