7 steps to get your affairs in order

Death is an uncomfortable topic for some of us, but it’s going to happen.
When we think about someone else dying, it may make us sad or concerned.
And, when we think about our own death, it may increase our levels of anxiety because we may not be ready for it.
We may have a long list of things we want to do before dying (see the tallest tree on Earth or rescue pigs from a slaughterhouse), but the most important one is to have our affairs in order.

I’ve experienced those feelings. And that’s why I created the seven steps to get your or your loved ones’ affairs in order.

Share with your loved ones what you are putting together:
“Hey,…………………………., I am putting together a folder/box with all the files you may need when I die. It’s going to take me about one month. If I have not told you when I am done and where it is one month from today, would you please remind me?”
Write down your thoughts and wishes in paper:
“Hey,…………………., I want my organs to be donated, and then, I want to be cremated. My daughters should decide what to do with my ashes. If I need to be buried because of the way I died (if I cannot be cremated), I want to be buried where my daughters feel is better for them.”
Make your thoughts and wishes official and legal:
“Hey, Mr. or Ms. Lawyer, are you available this week to meet so we can finalize my Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Living Will (Advance Directive for Health Care)?
Get organized (finances, insurance, and everything else):
“I have 2 checking Accounts, 6 Savings Accounts, 1 Traditional IRA, 1 High Yield Savings Account, No Credit Cards, 1 Home Equity Loan…”; “I have 4 pets, they need to stay in the family”; “I my daughters want to run both my business, great! If not, they business need to be closed.”
Put My Legacy Files together:
“This Saturday and Sunday, I am putting everything together, so I need to buy a fireproof / waterproof folder or box, some folders, etc. I need to print ……………… and………………… I need to ask my insurance rep to send me…………………… and …………………….”
Share My Legacy Files with your loved ones:
Hey,………………, the folder you see next to my desk is where all My Legacy Files are. The combination lock # is ………………….”
Maintain up to date My Legacy Files:
“I need to print the Term Life Insurance I just got from my agent.”; “I closed two of my savings accounts, so I need to get the final statements.”; “In January, I need to call my Lawyer.”

Did this document provide you with the information you were looking for?
I hope your answer is.
If that is the case, you are ready to put your My Legacy Files together, and you can do it two ways…

Way 1

Do it by yourselfo
(yes, it is yourselfo, that is not a typo):

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Way 2

Do it with myselfo
(yes, that is the name of my coaching business):

Join me for an interactive workshop where we will build yours and other people’s My Legacy Files together, and I will be readily available to coach you during the process.

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One more time, congratulations on taking the first step in showing your loved ones how much you care about them!

You are a kind person, and they already love you for that.
Just do this one more thing, and they will have the time and energy to grief you when you are not there to give them a hug and tell you that everything is going to be ok.

another big hug from me,