7 steps to get your affairs in order

This guide will help you be prepared so your loved ones don’t have to make stressful and expensive decisions by themselves

The ultimate checklist to organize your personal files

A helpful tool you while you are alive and a benefit for your loved ones during the process of grieving after you are gone

7.5 ways you can feel better when you are a procrastinator

A list that is not going to help you stop procrastinating but one that will make you feel better and see yourself in a different way, a kinder way.

Free workshop: Get stuff done in 2 hours

Feeling overwhelmed? Behind? With too much shit to do?
Let’s work together so you can cross something off from your never-ending to-do list.

Here is what we’ll do:

  1.  You decide what you want to accomplish in 2 hrs.
  2.  We get together with other people like us.
  3.  Andrea will coach you during the process.