healthy habits

We’ve been getting private messages from people asking for a platform where they can learn about healthy habits, how to grow as a person, how to start a side-gig, how to evolve their small business, how to survive the death of a loved one and experience grief, how to manage their time, how to help their minds with routines, how to understand procrastination… all in their own time and at their speed.

We had never considered developing a space like that, but the more conversations we had, the more our wheels continued turning. We can’t stop thinking about where a community like this could lead us one year, three years, or five years from now.

This platform has not been created, and there are many things we still need to work out, but the vision and the idea are there…

We want you to be part of this, especially if you’re willing to help us shape this idea.

… so, do you want to be a founding member?

Yes, I do

Yes, I do: oh, this is exciting. This is what we are thinking: when this offer is extended to the public, we anticipate the starting price for this to be about $200 a year price.
Here’s the best part, though…join our membership today as a founding member, and your price will be $100 for a year, forever. So even when we do roll this out to the public at the higher price, you’ll have locked in the founding member price.

No, I don’t

We understand; there is anxiety
toward the unknown.

Thank you for reading this long page!

healthy habits

The first course we would like to launch is:

How to get your affairs in order
So your loved ones don’t have to do it after you are gone.

Prepare your loved ones and yourself.
It’s better for everyone.
It’s also less stressful and less expensive.

To become a founding member, what you need to do is as simple as…

Send an email to with the subject line:
“I want to be a founding member”. Then, we will send you more details.

Here’s to your success! And we’ll see you soon!